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In support of our livery, Mells Farm has been operating since 1957 and produces predominately Hay for animal feed. Mells farm currently occupies 155 acres of land near Messingham in Lincolnshire.

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155 Acres

Mells Farm boasts an idyllic location that plays a pivotal role in the quality of our hay production. Situated in the beautiful countryside of Messingham, our farm enjoys a microclimate that’s perfect for growing nutritious and high-quality hay.

The region’s fertile soil, clean air, and abundant sunlight combine to create the perfect conditions for our lush, green pastures.

Our strategic location ensures minimal exposure to pollution and contaminants, making our hay some of the cleanest and healthiest you’ll find in North Lincolnshire. Horses at Mells Farm benefit from the natural goodness of the environment, ensuring they receive the nutrition they need.

Mells Farm Hay Harvest
John Deere working at Mells Farm

Farm Machinery

At Mells Farm, we understand that producing premium hay requires more than just a prime location. That’s why we’ve invested in state-of-the-art haymaking equipment. Our cutting-edge machinery ensures that the hay we produce is consistently of the highest quality. We use modern techniques for cutting, drying, and baling, which minimises the risk of mould and dust contamination. The result? Nutrient-rich hay that’s perfect for horses.

The Importance of Quality Hay

For horse owners, the quality of hay is paramount. It’s not just about filling the feeding trough; it’s about providing horses with the best nutrition possible. Our hay is not only a source of sustenance but also a foundation for their well-being.

1: Nutritional Excellence: Mells Farm’s hay is packed with essential nutrients, providing your horses with the vitamins and minerals they need for optimal health and vitality.

2: Digestive Health: Our premium hay is dust-free, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and promoting better digestion in your horses.

3:Happiness and Contentment: Horses love our high-quality hay! They’ll savour every mouthful, ensuring they’re happy, satisfied, and full of energy.

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